Vlobe LLC

Use Vlobe to add high-value capabilities to your mobile solutions such as asset management, usage analytics, and the ability to locate agents in the field.
Vlobe will manage the infrastructure for you.

Make mobile devices more productive and secure.

Use customizable Mobile Monitoring and a straightforward Analytics platform that suits any needs.


Mobile Control restricts access to the installed apps on any smartphone. It allows the user to create both white and black lists. Mobile Control runs in either restrictive or sandbox configurations and can protect itself against uninstall attempts.

Personal Safe is a highly secure password manager. Since we do not store the passwords on our server they cannot be accessed in the case of an attack against our server. The only way to access your confidential information is by entering the password on your phone.


We offer mobile monitoring services via mobile and web application libraries and a server platform. The solid infrastructure can detect the list of installed apps, find the device location and asset information. We have a library that can be integrated into any other app or software system.

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We make the applications that improve the productivity when using mobile devices. Check out Rich Text Mail and Nitro HTML for more information.