Personal Safe is the best tool that you can use to keep track of your accounts. Stop using the same password for all your accounts! With Personal Safe you only remember one master password and we will keep your sensitive information for you. All your information will be encrypted and stored locally on your device such that you will always have access to them, even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Good news is that we do all of that for free and this app will not bother you with annoying ads.

Safety Features

  • Register or use your existing Vlobe account for free
  • We use multiple encryption tiers for authentication and for confidentiality, so that none of your information is exposed
  • We comply with the latest encryption and secure hash standards (AES, SHA256)
  • Only you can unlock the app and decrypt the information about your accounts. Nobody can decrypt your accounts, even us!

Information Organization Features

  • Enter your online/offline account information and you can easily find it later
  • App allows you to search by any field (other than password) to filter the matching account(s). Searching is so simple you will not need to use any category or folder methods
  • You can add/edit/delete any account as you wish

Password Generation Features

  • Although you can still define your own passwords, we provide you an easy way to generate the strongest passwords
  • Our password generator complies with so many different password policies!
  • Your password can optionally contain lowercase, and uppercase letters, digits and symbols
  • You can specify a wide range of password length


Register a Vlobe account


Or login with an existing Vlobe account


App will warn you if your Vlobe account password is incorrect

Wrong Password

List of accounts

  • Tap + to add a new account and Edit to delete
  • Tap on an account to see the details

Account List


  • Start entering text on the search field to find your desire account
  • App will show the matching account
  • App will include all fields in search other than password


Account Details

  • Enter/Edit the account details
  • Tap on the clipboard icon to copy the field
  • Tap on the Generate to auto generate a password
  • Tap in i icon to show or hide the password field

Account Details

Password Generator

  • Toggle the controls to use your desired character types
  • Use the slider to pick the right password length
  • Confirm the password change on Account List page

Password Generator