Vlobe Monitoring and Analytics Service

Most business software solutions require collecting data from mobile devices such as geographical location and device operating system information. Business applications also need to handle authentication, authorization, in addition to app and user level configuration. Companies spend large amounts of money to design, develop, and then host servers that include these monitoring and security features in their solutions.

Vlobe provides an economical and easy method to equip businesses with these major features to the businesses and saves them money and time.

How it works

How to use the API

Before using the Vlobe API, setting up a development account is recommended:
  1. Submit a request to support@vlobe.com to receive an application id and a secret key for your application
  2. We will promptly review your request
  3. Set up the accounts on the Vlobe website to manage your devices
  1. Authenticate: Use the login web service to remotely authenticate to the Vlobe server from your app.

  2. Receive the access token: Upon a successful authentication, the Login web service will return you an access token that should be used for the future API calls. You can then cache the access token to bypass authentication, but keep in mind that access tokens will expire after some time.

  3. Register the device:
    1. Create a unique device ID for each one of your devices. This ID will be used to store/retrieve device specific data
    2. Submit the device ID and operating system information to the Register Device API. Our web service will provide you confirmation that the device is registered and associated to your app and user

  4. Submit location, apps, and configuration changes:
    1. Gather your app, device and/or user specific data and configuration.
    2. Submit the data to the Vlobe data/configuration web services.

  5. Retrieve the app and user configuration:
    1. Use your access token, application ID, and device ID to retrieve app, device, or user specific data that you have submitted to the Vlobe server.
    2. These web services can be accessed from both mobile phone apps or web applications.